Knocking down walls

Hey guys! We started the major renovation of our sweet little Aloha! First things first let me tell you hiring our friend Wolf (aka Brian!) was the best thing we could do! He came to Seattle for 13 days with the intention of putting his crafty skills to work the second he got here! Literally I picked him up from the airport and we were off to the used restaurant store. We were on the hunt for a fridge. I was thinking we would just get some sort of normal fridge and then install the tap tower into it, but the boys had a different vision! We ended up buying a pretty heavy duty under the counter bar fridge! On the hunt most of these fridges were going for around $1000 and I'm thinking oh shit that is not what I expected, but on the last stop we found one in the very back of this used equipment store. It was pretty banged up someone had tried to fix it with duck tape, which does work for me in most cases but in this one Wolf came in very handy, he knew exactly what to do! So we left to go make sure it would fit in the small space we were working with! It fit perfectly!!!! The next morning we called the store and asked the owner to plug it in so when we came back in a few hours we could tell if it was working! It was! So we loaded her up and on the way home I was thinking how the heck are we going to get this thing in the camper! I brought that up and both boys just looked at me with a blank stare! haha gesh guess we are taking a wall down!